We’re thrilled to share the pilot episode for a new podcast we’ll be producing starting in July. It’s the Demystifying Data podcast with Chris Clegg, president and research director of PortMA. Chris has been my go-to on data and marketing. You may remember him from his previous appearances on Confessions of a Marketer. We got to know each other and his ability to deconstruct data and all it means for marketers was clear. So, as we look to expand our podcasts beyond this one and The Innovation Podcast, Chris was an obvious first choice. In each episode, alternating between interviews and commentary, Chris will deconstruct an element of data with the aim of making it less mysterious to marketers.

Episode Notes

In this pilot episode, Chris tackles the challenge of defining the dollar value of impressions.  This is the most popular blog post on PortMA’s Experiential ROI blog and garners the most activity when they post on Twitter @portma.

Chris breaks the problem down into three business challenges:

  • – How to collect experiential marketing impressions reliably: Turns out, that consistency is more important than accuracy.  Chris breaks down this critical data science principle and provides simple solutions to avoid this common mistake.
  • – Methods for recording the five primary impression categories: In experiential marketing there are five impression categories that every campaign should be tracking.  Don’t sell yourself short by missing one of these key areas of value.
  • – Assigning a legitimate dollar value to experiential marketing impressions: Finally, Chris reveals the industry standard for impression valuation modeling and provides several examples that allow the non-data minded marketer a clear roadmap to assigning the right dollar value to experiential impressions.


Links of Interest

  • Portland Marketing Analytics (PortMA) is a marketing research firm specializing in the develop of marketing communication strategies and measuring the return-on-investment of experiential marketing campaigns.
  • – You can follow Chris on twitter @portma.
  • – For a more compressive review of Ad Value Equivalency Modeling techniques including criticisms of the approach visit PR Week’s article, The AVE debate: Measuring the value of PR.