On Episode 83, Angel Hollis Vaccaro, digital practice lead at Hux by Deloitte, is back. Last time, we were discussing the Deloitte report Beyond Marketing: Experience Reimagined and talked a lot about how the CMO and CIO are close partners now. We then delved into the key findings of the report, which center on data, decisioning and delivery. We covered a bit about data in the previous episode, and we pick up with a point I made about data being at the core of that blossoming CIO/CMO relationship.

Episode Notes

  • Beyond marketing: Experience reimagined CMOs and CIOs partnering to elevate the human experience. In the new world of marketing—personalized, contextualized, and dynamic—CMOs are partnering with their technology organizations to bring control of the human experience back in house, with a fresh arsenal of experience-focused marketing tools.