Season Two Preview

We’re getting ready for the second season of Confessions of a Marketer.

Building an A Team

On Episode 28, we talk with Whitney Johnson about her new book, Build an A-Team.

Quizzing the Quizmaster

On Episode 27, we’re quizzing the quizmaster–Josh Haynam, co-founder of interact.

Marketers: The Next Generation

On Episode 26, we’re talking about the next generation of marketers with professor Bob McCullough.

GDPR–Whose Data Is It Anyway?

On Episode 25, we’re talking GDPR with the CEO of Wunderman data, Jacques van Niekerk.

Design in an Era of Sameness

On Episode 24, we’re talking with Joe Kashurba about design in an era of sameness.

Be Nice to Product Marketers

On Episode 23, we’re talking with product marketer Josh Martin.

Cut the Crap!

On Episode 22, we’re cutting the crap with tone of voice guru Ben Afia.

Deep Dive into Data

On Episode 20, we take a deep dive into data with Rob Weedn, founder of DealSignal.

Marketing Mind Meld

On Episode 19, we’re talking with Chris Dayley, VP of testing and site optimization at Disruptive Advertising.